The First Step

Call Hope Cottage at 214.526.8721. If your needs and Hope Cottage’s ability to meet them are compatible, an orientation may be scheduled.

The orientation is a one hour session between you, as prospective adopting parents, and a member of the Hope Cottage Infant Adoption Team. The orientation is a time for you to ask questions as we get to know you better.

If, after the orientation, both parties are interested in moving forward, the next step is an Adoption Education Seminar (AES). This is legally required and provides education surrounding the details of infant adoption, the process, and expectations.

In the subsequent weeks, you will again consult with Hope Cottage staff to determine if you are ready to move forward with a home study. A home study is legally required in Texas and is an involved process. Hope Cottage staff assess individual and family stability, financial security, emotional and practical support systems, and knowledge of adoption issues. Interviews and references that focus on personal history and current circumstances provide the information. The home study process begins after you have an approved application.

Hope Cottage staff have thirty (30) days to complete the home study and submit it for approval by the Infant Adoption Director. Criteria for approval will be explained to you in detail by your Infant Adoption Counselor. TB and HIV tests, a physician statement, and an FBI criminal background check are all a part of the home study process.

Upon review of your financial documents, you will be notified of your adoption placement fee.  If your home study is approved, you will be invited to join the Hope Cottage Infant Adoption Program.  Receipt of your contract and the initial program fee will activate your profile to be shown to prospective birth parents.

Today, virtually all adoptions are open adoptions. This means that the birth mother will most likely select a family committed to allowing her to have agreed open contact with the adoptive family. Open adoption can mean anything from exchanging pictures and letters once a year to occasional face-to-face visits. Hope Cottage can facilitate all exchanges and visits. Current research strongly supports this arrangement as one that most positively benefits the child.

Matching is the process of bringing together an adoptive family with a birth parent to assess how well placement of the child will work for everyone. Birth parents come to Hope Cottage at all stages of pregnancy. We work with birth parents to find adoptive families who match their preferences. Your family’s profile is presented to birth parents only after you and your case manager consult and you have agreed to the presentation of your profile.

Once profiles are shown to a birth mother and an adoptive family is selected, the match meeting may be arranged between the prospective adoptive family and birth parent. The first match meeting is a “get to know you” facilitated by the adoptive family’s case manager and the birth mother’s counselor. This is the time when each party decides if they want to move forward.

With all in agreement a second meeting may be scheduled. At this point the match is confirmed and details are further discussed. During this meeting, each party is encouraged to discuss the degree of openness they wish to have and other details about the birth and immediate post natal experience. A minimum of 48 hours must pass before a birthmother may legally relinquish her parental rights.

Infant Adoption is the process of adopting an infant through a connection with a birth family.  While Hope Cottage pregnancy counselors work directly with expectant moms during pregnancy, our Infant Adoption Counselors educate, counsel and license adoptive families to ensure the best match.

Adoptive families should be physically, emotionally and financially able to raise a child to adulthood; ideally with a strong support system that embraces adoption and its positive effects on the family

Hope Cottage provides infant adoption services on a sliding scale based on family income.

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