Financial Requirement

Financial Requirement: Private infant adoption is a choice for families who understand that they are paying a fee to participate in the Hope Cottage program and benefit from the services of their professional staff. In the current environment, there are generally more families who wish to adopt infants than there are children available for adoption.

What are the fees associated with infant adoption?
Hope Cottage provides infant adoption services on a sliding scale based on family income. Hope Cottage will help you evaluate your readiness to enter into a private adoption contract.  Other required pre-adoption service fees include, but are not limited to:

  • Adoption Education Seminar
  • Home Study
  • In some cases, there are expenses of the birth mother such as medical or living expenses that are paid by the adoptive family. You will be notified in advance of the estimated expenses prior to being matched with a birth mother and the option is always yours as to whether the match is made.

Infant Adoption is the process of adopting an infant through a connection with a birth family.  While Hope Cottage pregnancy counselors work directly with expectant moms during pregnancy, our Infant Adoption Counselors educate, counsel and license adoptive families to ensure the best match.

If your needs and Hope Cottage’s ability to meet them are compatible, an orientation may be scheduled.

Adoptive families should be physically, emotionally and financially able to raise a child to adulthood; ideally with a strong support system that embraces adoption and its positive effects on the family

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