Family Requirement

Family Requirement: Families that fit this profile typically experience the shortest wait to be matched:

  • Between 25 and 45 years of age
  • Open to either gender
  • Open to multiple ethnicities
  • Open to infants with birth parents who have experienced emotional and life challenges
  • Adoptive families should be physically, emotionally and financially able to raise a child to adulthood; ideally with a strong support system that embraces adoption and its positive effects on the family

Infant Adoption is the process of adopting an infant through a connection with a birth family.  While Hope Cottage pregnancy counselors work directly with expectant moms during pregnancy, our Infant Adoption Counselors educate, counsel and license adoptive families to ensure the best match.

If your needs and Hope Cottage’s ability to meet them are compatible, an orientation may be scheduled.

Hope Cottage provides infant adoption services on a sliding scale based on family income.

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