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Jason and Brandi  Placed in 4 months

We are so happy with the results and the process of our adoption through Hope Cottage. Our case workers were responsive, thorough and caring throughout a stressful and exciting time. They guided us through every step and answered our questions honestly and directly. While we were advocates for our children, Hope Cottage supported us as parents and a family.

Christa  Placed in 6 months

“I have only praise and thanksgiving for all of the wonderful professionals at Hope Cottage. I spent a lot of time researching adoption agencies trying to find the right fit. As a single professional African-American woman, it was clear after multiple interviews with multiple agencies that some of the other agencies, while reputable and larger, where not the best fit for me.

My answer came soon. A few weeks into August, I received the real call from Lindsay. I was matched, a gorgeous, long eyelash having, cheeky smile 2 year old boy was now my son. I met my son in September and he came home in October. It was love at first, second and third sight, his coming home was all part of this wonderful, sometimes difficult, things- beyond- your-control journey.

If you are considering Hope Cottage as your partner in adoption you will be provided with all the caring, the information, the tools and resources needed on your path to creating or expanding your family. You will be guided, encouraged and maybe even challenged, all steps on the path to a child finding the very best forever home.”

Foster Adoption FAQs

Children are matched with a caring family, educated about their needs, who will embrace them into their family through adoption, not temporary care.

Though a child may come into your home initially as a foster child, the goal is always adoption.

Though a child may come into your home initially as a foster child, the goal is always adoption.