Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements: While there are no placement fees associated with adopting children from the Foster to Adopt Program, the program matches families with children under the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Ranging in age from 0 to 17 years, these children have been removed from their birth family homes because they are victims of abuse and neglect. Placing siblings with the same adoptive parents is highly emphasized.

What are the expenses associated with Foster to Adopt?
Families who choose to adopt through the Foster to Adopt Program pay no placement fees to Hope Cottage. Placement fees are covered by a contract with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Even though there is no placement fee for the family in Foster to Adopt, families must be financially stable before becoming licensed to care for a child. Families are required to pay for some items and services through third parties in order to become licensed, including but not limited to: background checks, home fire and health inspections, medical evaluations, and fire extinguishers.  State reimbursement does not cover 100% of costs for caring for foster children, and these costs are passed on to the foster parents.

Legal fees associated with the finalization of all adoptions, whether private or Foster to Adopt, are the responsibility of the adoptive family.

Children are matched with a caring family, educated about their needs, who will embrace them into their family through adoption, not temporary care.

Though a child may come into your home initially as a foster child, the goal is always adoption.

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