Tyler and Sarah

One of the many families looking to adopt at Hope Cottage

What brings you to adoption?

We have always wanted to adopt – adoption has always been a part of our family plan, and we have hoped for our family to be grown by love, and not necessarily biology. We believe in a God who is a Heavenly Father, and has adopted us into his family, and we hope that we can reflect the gracious love of God to any children that come to our home.

How did you meet?

We met at our church, New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church, while volunteering with the middle school and high school youth group. We spent a whole summer together at summer camps, roller-skating parties, pool parties, and worship times. Finally, at the end of that summer, we went out on a date….without the students. We got married 364 days later.

What hopes do you have for your child?

We hope our children grow to know that they are loved deeply – by us, by their birth parents, by their extended family, and by God. All the other hopes that we have for our children pale in comparison to this first desire. But, we would love to see our children grow into kind, compassionate, and generous people, with loyalty to family and friends, joy in their faith and their passions, and diligence and integrity in their work in the world. We hope they achieve great education, lasting friendships with their peers, and ultimately find confidence in who they become as individuals.

What makes your family unique?

While we live full-time in the state of Texas, our hearts will always belong to the mountains of the west. We love to snow ski in the winter, and hike, fish, and camp in the summer. We want our children to value adventures and experiences over material things, and to grow up knowing what a sky full of stars looks like, to love the deep purple hues of a snow-capped mountain range at dawn, and to appreciate the peace that comes from being outdoors. And, we can’t wait to see their smiles at the end of a long ski run or after catching a large trout in a mountain stream.

Describe your family:

For now, it’s just the two of us. We really look forward to adding the next family member in the near future! However, we have both of our loving families close by in town, including Tyler’s brother, Sarah’s sister, and their spouses and children. They are all waiting with as much anticipation as we are for their new grandchild, niece/nephew, and cousin to arrive.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

We both love the outdoors! Tyler loves swimming, fishing, and camping, and Sarah’s favorite activities are snow skiing, running, and yoga.

Favorite foods

Tyler is the better cook of the two of us, and his favorite food is pizza. Sarah would eat chocolate for every meal if she could!

Favorite movies

Tyler’s favorite movies are “A River Runs Through It,” “Star Wars,” and “Braveheart.” Sarah loves anything funny, but especially “The Princess Bride” and “Elf.” Both of us are (embarrassingly) afraid of horror movies.

Favorite music/bands/singers

Tyler’s favorite band is The Counting Crows. Sarah has loved Whitney Houston since childhood, and is slowly converting Tyler to her taste in music.

Favorite sports teams

We both love the Texas Rangers, and Tyler loves the Dallas Cowboys

Favorite TV shows

Tyler likes Chef’s Table, Luther, and Cooked, while Sarah watches The Big Bang Theory and ALIAS. Together, we enjoy watching travel documentaries and planning our next adventure.