About: Staff

Brooks Quinlan, LMSW-AP

Chief Executive Officer

Brooks Quinlan received his Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama and his undergraduate degree in Sociology/Psychology from the University of South Alabama. He came to Hope Cottage in August 2009 from the Alabama Post Adoption Connections. He has also served as a Post Adoption Specialist/United Kingdom/England with West Berkshire Council Family Placement Team and as a Detention Reform Initiative Coordinator with the Mobile County Juvenile Court. He has more than fifteen years of adoption experience and has been instrumental in implementing the agency’s current programs of foster care, education and private adoption.

Judy Allen

Chief Financial Officer

Judy Allen has more than twenty years in non-profit financial, HR and grants management positions with such organizations as Merced Housing Texas, The Womens Shelter, Avance Dallas and Neighborhood Housing Services in Ft. Worth. She received her BS in Economics from UT Arlington. Ms. Allen oversees all financial aspects of the organization along with handling all building and maintenance issues and tenant relationships. She joined Hope Cottage in August 2009.

Leslie Clay,  MLA

Chief Development Officer

Leslie Clay has worked for Dallas area non profits since 2000. Prior to her position at Hope Cottage, she served as the Director of Community Development for Literacy Instruction for Texas (LIFT) and has experience in both program and development work with the Crohns & Colitis Foundation of North Texas and the National Kidney Foundation Serving North Texas. Ms. Clay received a BA from Stephens College and her Masters in Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University. She manages fundraising, grant writing, marketing, public relations, communications, event planning and donor relations for the organization. She joined Hope Cottage in August 2009.

Julie Hames, LBSW, LCPAA

Director of Programs

Julie Hames earned her B.S. in Social Work from the University of North Texas. Prior to joining Hope Cottage full time in October 2012, Julie served for five years as a trainer with the Infant Adoption Awareness Training Initiative through Hope Cottage. Julie has over 18 years of diversified social work experience working with children and families. She provides counseling and support to adopting families in the infant and embryo adoption program. As Director of Programs, Julie is responsible for the oversight and management of all agency programming and client services.

Amy Bell, LCSW

Infant Adoption Director

Amy has been with Hope Cottage since 2011 and has served in many roles since that time.  During her tenure, she has worked with adoptive families, birthparents and adoptees.  Her time spent counseling each of these groups allows her to have a great appreciation for the adoption triad and affords her a unique view as the director for the Infant Adoption Program.  Amy also facilitates the DFW Triad Support Group each month.  She holds degrees from Southern Methodist University (BA) and University of Texas at Arlington (MSW).

Christa Stewart

Foster to Adopt Coordinator

Christa Stewart has dedicated her professional life to the field of Foster to Adopt.  Early in her career she served at both Lutheran Social Services and Jonathan’s Place.  She began at Hope Cottage in 2014 as the Foster to Adopt Home Developer.  After a brief stint in Infant Adoption, she returned to her Foster to Adopt origins, becoming the Coordinator for the program.  As Coordinator, Christa manages the daily operations of the Foster to Adopt program.

Christina Easton

Education Services Senior Coordinator

Christina Easton has played many roles at Hope Cottage.  She joined the staff in 2011 as a Training Specialist, working in schools to bring at-risk youth education around decision making and healthy relationships.  Christina is currently the Senior Coordinator of Education Services and supervises a large team who serve youth and parents in our community.  Christina was also instrumental to growing the parenting education program at Hope Cottage.  She graduated from Tarlton State in 2004.

Lib Berger, LMSW

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Lib Berger came to Hope Cottage with an extensive background in serving children and families.  Lib’s primary function is to educate community professionals about best adoption practices.  She spends much of her time in hospitals, clinics and other social service agencies.  After graduating from Belmont in 2009, Lib went on to earn her MSW at the University of Texas in 2011.

Sara Campbell 

Post Adoption Coordinator

Sara Campbell has been with Hope Cottage since 2012.  During her tenure, she has served as a Foster To Adopt Case Manager as well as an Infant Adoption Counselor.  She is currently Hope Cottage’s Post-Adoption Coordinator.  In this role, she assists all members of the adoption triad by providing resources, events, support and counsel to those who need it.  Sara is in charge of search and reunion for those seeking to connect with family.  She has a BA from Sam Houston State University.

Melanie Salas, LMSW

Pregnancy Services Coordinator

Since 2014, Melanie has been counseling, supporting and educating women and their partners who are considering their options and making an adoption plan.  In her current role as Pregnancy Services Coordinator she oversees the Pregnancy Counselors in both Tyler and Dallas.  Melanie also coordinates and supervises our internship program.  She graduated from Stephen F Austin State University in 2012 and pursued her Master’s of Social Work at University of Texas at Arlington, earning her MSW in 2014.

Hayde Cobos, LMSW

Pregnancy Counselor

Before joining the Hope Cottage team in 2015, Hayde worked for both Legacy Adoption Services and Gladney Adoption Center.  She brought her expertise, compassion and advocacy skills to her role as Pregnancy Counselor.  As a pregnancy counselor, Hayde works with our birthparents to provide education and support.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas-Pan American.

Tierney Wright, LMSW

Infant Adoption Counselor

Tierney has been with Hope Cottage since 2017, first as an intern, but now as a full-time staff member.   She has a Bachelor’s in French from the University of North Texas and recently completed her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.  While interning, Tierney was drawn to working with families and is now our Infant Adoption Counselor for families wanting to adopt.  She handles day to day support, educates and manages our applicant and waiting families.  Prior to Hope Cottage, Tierney spent many years as the Program Coordinator with Mended Hearts.

Molly Milligan

Foster to Adopt Home Developer

After graduating from Queens University in 2014, Molly got busy immersing herself in the foster and adoption world.  She served as a home developer at Circle of Living Hope and was a birthparent counselor at Gladney Center for Adoption before joining the Hope Cottage team in 2016.  She currently serves as the Foster to Adopt Home Developer.  Molly interviews, trains and licenses all of our potential new Foster to Adopt families.

Layla Beaty

Foster to Adopt Case Manager

Layla is new to the staff at Hope Cottage, joining the team in 2017.  But, she is certainly not new to the field of foster care.  She worked at Child Protective Services as a Conservatorship Specialist for 2 ½ years.  In her position as a Foster to Adopt Case Manager, she is the point of contact for our foster families for anything and everything related to the children in their home.  Layla graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology.

Marci Addo, LMSW

Foster to Adopt Compliance Specialist

After completing her bachelor’s at Texas Christian University, Marci went on to earn a Master’s in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Marci put her skills to work at Gladney Adoption Center as well as Texas Baptist Home before landing at Hope Cottage in 2015.  As the Foster To Adopt Compliance Specialist, Marci helps all of our FTA families in compliance with state regulations.

Noa Buxt, BSW

Foster to Adopt Case Manager

After graduating with her Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Arkansas in 2017, Noa joined the Hope Cottage staff to gain experience working in the families and children realm of social work.  She held internships at Alley’s House, Arkansas Head start and Ozark Guidance before becoming a Foster to Adopt Case Manager at Hope Cottage.  Noa serves our Foster To Adopt families by helping manage paperwork, emergencies and acting as an advocate on their behalf.

Ashley Rhodes, MSW

Parenting Educator Case Manager

Ashley began her career at Hope Cottage in 2015 as a Pregnancy Counselor.  Since then, she has transitioned into her role as Parenting Educator.  Ashley was instrumental in developing and growing the parenting program.  She spends her time working with individual clients to support them while parenting and teaches parenting classes in the community.  Ashley attended Texas Woman’s University, earning her Bachelor of Social Work in 2008.  She received her Master’s in 2014 from Texas A&M Commerce.

Bianca Williams

Parent and Youth Educator

Bianca has a passion for helping and educating the youth of this world.  In her role as Parent and Youth Educator, Bianca serves in numerous area high schools providing education on parenting, healthy relationship and decision making.  She also provides case management, in a one-on-one capacity, to help support teen parents.  Bianca holds a degree from the University of Houston-Downtown and came to Hope Cottage in 2017.

Lauren Johnson, MA, LPC - Intern 

Pregnancy and Adoption Counselor

Lauren has always been an advocate for women, lending her time and skills to Birth Choice Pregnancy Center and the Voices of Hope organization before joining the Hope Cottage team in 2016.  In her role with Hope Cottage, she advocates for parents, both birth and biological, through adoption and parenting services.  A graduate of Clearwater Christian College in 2012, she went on to earn her Master’s in Counseling from the University of Nebraska in 2016.  Lauren is located in our Tyler office.

Michelle Osborne

Administrative Assistant

Michelle has been with Hope Cottage since February 2006 and is an indispensable part of the team. She assists both the CEO and the Chief Development Officer, prepares grant submissions, maintains the agency website and donor database, coordinates the agency donor acknowledgement process, assists on Special Events and the ever ubiquitous “and other duties as assigned”.

Daena Magallon, MMHC

Pregnancy and Adoption Counselor

Daena Magallon brings over 15 years of adoption experience to work at Hope Cottage.  She originally joined the team as a trainer for the Understanding Infant Adoption curriculum, training professionals in hospitals and clinics on adoption.  For the past 9 years, Daena has been providing services to adoption- minded pregnancy clients, assisting them in exploring their options of parenting and adoption and developing an appropriate plan.  Daena is a fierce advocate for her clients and brings a high level of compassion and professionalism to each case.  Daena is located in our El Paso office.

Luara Guzman 

Administrative Assistant

Laura Guzman began providing administrative support to programming in November 2014.  Prior to joining Hope Cottage she provided administrative support to STL Engineers and Dallas Habitat for Humanity.