For Adult Adoptees, we offer:

A copy of your file that has been edited to protect the confidentiality of the birth families
An un-edited copy of your file (court order required).
Active search for birth family, required reunion counseling, and facilitated reunion after successful search
Facilitated reunion with birth parent/birth family after State Adoption Registry Match (without Hope Cottage active search) or after birth parent/family found on own (without Hope Cottage search)
Two, 1.5 hour visitation between families facilitated by Hope Cottage staff and conducted on site in the family visitation area.
Hope Cottage will facilitate the exchange of correspondence between biological families and adoptive families.
Notarized letter with birth and adoption facts.
One on one counseling for adoption related issues.

Please contact Sara Campbell, Post Adoption Coordinator, by email at or by calling 214.526.8721 for more information and assistance.

Post Adoption Search FAQs

List of Services

List of Services

Siblings, Children of Adult Adoptees

Support for adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents.